Esprit Nouveau is the name of a high bridal fashion brand based in Milan, a noble name a noble name with an antique flavor, inspired by the title of a book and yet definitely projected into the future with a fresh and modern design based on years of experience. The Rossella Cavioni adventure in the world of the wedding high fashion started when she was just 24 years old in 1994 when she decided to create her own business after studing in fashion designer and modeller and then having an important apprenticeship by Wanda Roveda.

Big protagonists of her collections are precious original embroidered fabrics able to enhance evry her creations beside romantic and refined colors like champagne, ivory, cream, bright grey and pink powder. She loves very much volumes (for a skirt she is capable to use from six to fifteen meters of fabrics), the soft and sensual draping and sumptous trains. Her history is rich in encounters, like the one with a lady who one day asked her to hold consignment in her atelier her old wedding dress 1940 style that, in fact, was perfectly current because composed of a wide silk skirt and an elegant corset unplugged . The designer agreed. From the encounter with another persone, well experienced of vintage is born the idea to place next to her bridal creations also enchanting vintage wedding dresses that, alongside those of Esprit Nouveau, to her clients appear like to be part of a single collection because all these dresses have in common a sophisticated elegance, an innate refinement in details and rich embroideries, sartorial cuts and flawless tailoring.

Always fascinated by the history of fashion and the arts, as in any real artist's inspiration is immediate: when he sees a fabric already knows what to do with them: fashion designer and model maker, realizes every creation by herself, buyng few meters of each fabric for realizing maximum three gowns in the sign of exclusivity. Who asks her to define her style she proudly responds that her style does not exist in traditional magazine dedicated to high bridal fashion bride or at least it is not cataloged because she loves to play all the notes of the piano of creativity. So she creates rigorous or magnificent dresses with a retrĂ² or avant-garde style, experimenting silhouette, cuts and, above all, wonderful fabrics like lace in cork.

She follows every bride step by step, using a lot of psychology to understand their real desires and if it happens that the customer will insist on a model that doesn't give at all and that Rossella, as fashion designer, refuses to create and sign with her label, she is able to refuse a job just to safeguard the high reputation of her exquisitely sartorial brand with dresses featuring hand-stitched hem finished entirely within that and made from fabrics absolutely Made in Italy.

Esprit Nouveau doesn't realize seasonal collection but it follows the inspiration of the moment, ignoring trends and preferring create something absolurely new like its very famous wedding gowns totally covererd by flowers, mostly roses, gerberas and hydrangeas or even Ivy Davis leaves, while the delicate calle is the next project. The flowers are applied one by one with pins on a overskirt of stiff tulle . These pins, of course, are placed so as not to prick the bride.

If the flowers are real work must be done on the same day of the wedding in maximum four hours as it will last long enough in their glory of ceremony unless they are stabilized flowers that never wilt so, in this case, Rossella has at its disposal all the time she needs. The dresses with stabilized flowers weigh less but cost more than the ones decorated with real flowers because flowers stabilized are priced higher, but allow this floreal sculpture to last forever, never wither. Looking at them is a real spectacle and a hymn to love and life, in addition to the supreme test of creativity and masterful tailoring capabilities of this eclectic and imaginative fashion designer.

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